Acne Treatment

This cosmetic treatment is not a cure for acne but can reduce the number of pustules and redness associated with active acne infections and for most clients is a good addition to traditional acne therapy especially if they are attending a special event.

Treatments can be carried out every two weeks.  Results can be seen after the first treatment and up to four treatments may be required.

After a course of acne treatment has been completed a skin rejuvenation treatment may be recommended to reduce scarring.

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How to book an Acne Treatment

Initial treatments must be booked as a consultation using the book icon at the bottom of this page.  At the consultation your technician will discuss the type of treatment required, conduct a patch test, answer any questions, take initial photographs of the area to be treated and complete any necessary paperwork to carry out the treatment. 
Acne Treatments with the E Light IPL machine are available for men and women.  We have a male technician who can provide this treatment and a female technician.  These are available to select during the booking process.  Any person under 18 who requires this treatment must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
If you decide to proceed with the treatment a non refundable deposit of £25 will be required to go towards the first treatment which will be booked at the consultation.  If any further information is needed please either email the salon or ring for more details using the @ or phone icon below.

Treatment Price

Full Facial Treatment - £90
Partial Facial Treatment - £50
Full Back Treatment - £130
Partial Back Treatment - £100
Other areas can be treated.  Please contact the salon for more details.