Pigmentation Treatments

Freckles, discoloured marks or spots, and pigmented patches of skin are all examples of pigmentation treatments.  IPL E Light treatments for pigmented blemishes seek to clear complexion of those flaws and imperfections.  They also look to render your skin tone more even.  With a course of pigmentation treatments you will be amazed how much you are able to improve your skin.

Pigmented lesions such as age spots or freckles can be successfully lightened or removed with this treatment.  This treatment is non-invasive, suitable for both the face and body and will result in a more even skin tone.

Age spots are also known as sun spots, liver spots, lentigos or lentigines.  These skin discolorations are typically brown and flat.  They appear on areas of the skin commonly exposed to the sun such as the backs of the hands, the forearms, neck, chest and face.  The combination of pigmentation treatments we provide ensures you can enjoy a brighter, clearer and more even skin tone.


How to book a Pigmentation Treatment

Initial treatments must be booked as a consultation using the book icon at the bottom of this page.  At the consultation your technician will discuss the type of treatment required, conduct a patch test, answer any questions, take initial photographs of the area to be treated and complete any necessary paperwork to carry out the treatment. 
Skin Pigmentation Treatments are available for men and women.  We have a male technician who can provide this treatment and a female technician.  These are available to select during the booking process. 
If you decide to proceed with the treatment a non refundable deposit of £25 will be required to go towards the first treatment which will be booked at the consultation.  If any further information is needed please either email the salon or ring for more details using the @ or phone icon below.

Pigmentation Treatment Cost

The cost for a pigmentation / sun spot treatment is £50.  A full course of six treatments will be £250.