Laser Tattoo Removal

It is not easy to say how many sessions would be required to completely remove a tattoo and in some cases this cannot be achieved due to the type and colours of ink used. Generally the removal of black ink provides the best results, but colours such as blue and green are harder to remove. This treatment is also suitable for partial removal if the intent is to re cover them with a different design.

The ND Yag Laser is a fast and effective treatment for the reduction or removal of both Tattoos and Semi-Permanent Makeup. This is a non evasive treatment using a Long Pulse Laser that penetrates deep into the skin.  This laser works by targeting the dark pigment.  When the ink particles absorb the energy from the laser beam, they instantly shatter into tiny fragments. Once the laser has broken the ink into smaller pieces, the body's immune system works to remove the ink over the following weeks during the healing process. Initially a patch test is carried out using 3 different settings to test that there will be no reaction. After the patch test each session is spaced at 6 weeks apart, to ensure complete healing. This isn't pain free, however numbing cream can be used if required.  Often during treatment, a white frosting occurs over the areas treated by the laser.  This usually becomes opaque after about 10 minutes.  Aloe Vera Gel is applied directly to the treatment area.  If required cling film is then applied and instructions on aftercare provided.

How to book Laser Tattoo Removal

Initial treatments must be booked as a consultation using the book icon at the bottom of this page.  At the consultation your technician will discuss the type of treatment required, conduct a patch test, answer any questions, take initial photographs of the area to be treated and complete any necessary paperwork to carry out the treatment. 
Tattoo removal is available for men and women.  We have a male technician who can provide this treatment and a female technician.  These are available to select during the booking process. 
If you decide to proceed with the treatment a non refundable deposit of £25 will be required to go towards the first treatment which will be booked at the consultation.  If any further information is needed please either email the salon or ring for more details using the @ or phone icon below.

Prices for Laser Tattoo Removal

To work out the approximate cost of removal measure the length and width of the tattoo in centimetres and times the two together to get the area.  Look down the left hand column for the result and the price is shown.  Six sessions are required to effectively remove a tattoo.  All prices and sessions will be confirmed at the consultation.


up to 15

16 - 25

26 - 35

36 - 50

51 - 65

66 - 80

81 - 100

101 - 120

121 - 145

146 - 170

171 - 195

196 - 230

231 - 255

256 - 290

291 - 325

326 - 360

361 - 400

401 - 440

441 - 485

486 - 530

531 - 575

576 - 625

Price Per Session (£)























Course of 6 Sessions