Vascular Treatments

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How to book Thread Vein Removal

Initial treatments must be booked as a consultation using the book icon at the bottom of this page.  At the consultation your technician will discuss the type of treatment required, conduct a patch test, answer any questions, take initial photographs of the area to be treated and complete any necessary paperwork to carry out the treatment. 
Vascular Treatments are available for men and women.  We have a male technician who can provide this treatment and a female technician.  These are available to select during the booking process. 
If you decide to proceed with the treatment a non refundable deposit of £25 will be required to go towards the first treatment which will be booked at the consultation.  If any further information is needed please either email the salon or ring for more details using the @ or phone icon below.

Facial Thread Veins or ‘spider veins’ are very common. Rosacea and blood spots also fall under the vascular treatment category.  They are not usually painful, but they can be embarrassing.  Using the IPL E Light technology, we can remove them and restore your confidence.

Facial Thread Veins are broken veins that appear close to the surface of the skin. They are extremely common and very easy to treat. There are a number of factors that can cause their appearance, such as weathering, rosacea, hormones and family history.

IPL E Light vascular legion treatments are only suitable for small legion vessels on the face.  As the light is absorbed it is converted to heat which conducts outwards to the vessel walls which are irreversibly coagulated and later resorbed.  Vessels that appear more blue in colour (deoxygenated blood in veins) do not absorb the pulses from the E Light and are usually unsuccessful in being treated.  This treatment may be painful dependant on the area and size of vessel to be treated.

How to book Thread Vein Removal

For all thread vein, rosacea and blood spot treatments the cost per treatment is £50.  A course of six treatments will be £250.